General information

External Importer will automatically update the prices and stock status of imported products on your WooCommerce website. To set synchronization parameters, go to External Importer > Settings > Synchronization.

In some online stores, prices can change fairly frequently.

You can't have real-time prices in your WooCommerce catalog. But the products will be synchronized with a set period.

We recommend updating prices less often, especially if you have many products from one source. Otherwise, you risk being blocked.

You can enable the display of the last update date for each product. Go to External Importer > Settings > Frontend > Update date.

There are two product update modes available:

  1. Frontend synchronization will enable product update when a visitor loads the product page. This way, only products with traffic will be updated. The downside to this mode is a slight delay when loading the page, which may occur periodically when requesting new data.

  2. Cron synchronization will run scheduled in the background using WordPress cron. No additional cron setup is required. The synchronization script will launch every 10 minutes and can update up to 2,500 products per day.

You can find the last update date on the product edit page. To force an update, click Sync now.

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