General information

The External Importer plugin uses advanced AI technologies to rewrite existing content or generate new, unique content for the title, description, short description, and product reviews during the import process.

Supported models

The plugin supports the following AI generative models:

  • OpenAI: gpt-3.5-turbo

  • OpenAI: gpt-4-turbo-preview

  • OpenAI: gpt-4

  • Claude 3: haiku

  • Claude 3: sonnet

  • Claude 3: opus

You need to set your own API key, and charges apply for using these models.

Please be aware that some models may be more expensive than others. For most tasks, we recommend using the fastest and most cost-effective models: OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo or Claude 3 haiku.

How to activate AI features

To enable the AI rewrite features, navigate to External Importer > Settings > AI. Here, enter your API key and configure the desired settings for title and description generation to suit your content needs.

Once enabled, the AI settings are automatically applied to all products during the manual import.

You have the ability to temporarily disable the AI functions for imported products by unchecking the checkbox here:

For Auto import, use the following option (disabled by default):


Various content creation options are accessible through the following prompts:

  • Rewrite: Modify the original text to convey the same message in a different manner.

  • Paraphrase: Express the same information with different wording.

  • Summarize: Condense the content to highlight the key points.

  • Translate: Convert the text from one language to another.

  • Bullet Points: Organize information in a list format for clarity and conciseness.

  • Turn into Advertising: Craft compelling advertising content for the product.

  • Generate CTA Text: Create persuasive Call-to-Action text to drive user engagement.

  • Craft a Product Description: Develop a detailed and appealing description of the product.

  • Write a Few Paragraphs: Produce several paragraphs of content on the given topic.

  • Write an Article: Compose an article related to the product.

  • Write a How-to-Use Instruction: Provide clear and concise usage instructions for the product.

  • Write a Review: Develop an insightful review based on the product’s reviews.

  • Write a Buyer’s Guide: Create a helpful guide for prospective buyers.

Also, the custom prompts feature is available, allowing you to add any prompts of your own.


It is advisable to align the title with the type of description text being generated. For instance, if you are generating a product review, it is recommended to select 'review' as the option for the title as well.

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