Dropshipping is a retail model in which the store doesn't have its own inventory. When a product is ordered in your online store, you buy it from a third-party vendor and send it directly to the customer.

External Importer offers default features to create a Dropshipping store on WooCommerce:

  • Import products from various eCommerce stores to your WooCommerce store. Note that Variable Products are currently not supported.

  • Automated price and stock update.

  • Flexible Pricing rules to set your margin.

Select Simple products type in Import settings to enable Add products to the cart on your website.

To set margin rules, go to External Importer > Settings > Dropshipping. These rules must be configured before you import products to your website. The new markup will be applied when updating prices.

You can set different values for every domain and price range. The rules are processed from top to bottom.

Only the first rule that meets all criteria will be applied, so set custom rules at the head and default rules at the end of the list.

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