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EI vs CE vs AE

External Importer vs. Content Egg vs. Affiliate Egg

Our team has developed several plugins to work with affiliate programs and add products to your WordPress websites. Here's a quick comparison of all three plugins so you could select the best solution for your tasks.

External Importer Pro

  • Does not require access to the API. Extracts data directly from store websites.
  • Has a fixed set of advanced parsers that can extract complete product data (attributes, description, images, reviews).
  • Has generic structured parsers that can retrieve data from 75-85% of random eCommerce websites.
  • Only works with WooCommerce. It also offers a user-friendly interface to quickly auto import to WooCommerce.
  • Can import both individual products by URL and products from listing pages.
  • Offers auto import, which can import new products from listing pages to your website.
  • Is the best choice for creating niche affiliate catalogs on WooCommerce.

Content Egg Pro

  • Works via official Product APIs and has a large number of modules for various affiliate networks.
  • Requires you to search for products by keyword.
  • Has modules to add additional relevant content (images, vedeos, news, etc.).
  • Offers autoblogging based on keywords.
  • Can synchronize with WooCommerce.
  • Lets you add many products to one post.
  • Allows you to display products via shortcodes. It also includes various display templates.
  • It's the best choice for product review blogs, price comparison websites, daily deals websites.

Affiliate Egg Pro

  • Works as a web parser; no API access required.
  • Has a fixed set of supported stores.
  • Extracts products by product direct URL or listing URLs.
  • Doesn't support WooCommerce (still possible via integration with Content Egg).
  • Lets you Affiliate Egg parsers as separate modules for the Content Egg plugin.
  • The best choice is to embed product blocks in a blogpost and as a data source for the Content Egg plugin (to support stores without an API).