General information

Extracting product data from external websites and normalizing it is the first stage of importing products to your website. Go to External Importer > Import to start working with the plugin.

Open the online store's website and copy the URL of the product you want to promote from your browser address bar. Depending on the parser, you can extract data from two types of pages:

1. The Product detail page is the specific product card's page. It usually contains a description, photo, price, and other info. You can specify a list of many product URLs.

2. The Listing page contains a list of products based on the category or search query. In this case, the parser will first extract the links to product detail pages and then start automatically going through all products' URLs.

The second option is faster and more convenient because it allows you to bulk import products by entire categories. Listing pages are available for all advanced parsers and nearly 75% of structured parsers.

Some parsers support automatic pagination. In this case, you'll see both the number of products found and additional listing pages in the parsing log.

If pagination can't be detected automatically, only products from the current page will be extracted. After that, you can manually specify the next page, if necessary.

All extracted data is processed, and you can see normalized products in a special section.

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