Content Egg plugin

You can use External Importer to initialize WooCommerce products and Content Egg Pro plugin to add:

  • Additional relevant content (video reviews, photos, news).

  • Product blocks (accessories or related products).

  • Price comparison blocks.

This makes your website more professional, unique, and useful for visitors. But some features of both plugins may conflict with each other.

When using both plugins together, disable automated synchronization with WooCommerce in the Content Egg settings, and don't use manual synchronization.

Disable Update date display by going to Content Egg > General settings.

How to add Content Egg products automatically

If you import products from Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress, you can add the same products to the appropriate CE modules automatically. In this way, you can for example add price alert/history features for WooCommerce products.

Use the following settings for this (External Importer > Settings > Import):

This will add product IDs as auto-update keywords. When you first open product pages, the appropriate CE products will be found throught APIs.

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