Custom advanced parsers

We're striving to add extended support for the most popular stores and their affiliate programs worldwide. However, you may sometimes need something beyond the default parsers on the list.

If you have the skills, you can create advanced parsers for the stores you need on your own.

Our team can create advanced parsers upon request for $50 per parser.

We are striving to add all standard and extended product fields where technically possible. We also provide a 6-month warranty on any customization. This means that if changes or corrections need to be made during this period, we will do it for free.

Installing custom parsers

Custom parsers are delivered as PHP files. To install parsers on your website, complete the following steps:

  1. Create the directory wp-content/ei-parsers using a file manager in your hosting panel, FTP client, or whatever other way is convenient for you.

  2. Copy parser files to this directory.

  3. Installation is now complete.

Custom parsers work absolutely the same as default parsers.

You can safely update the plugin or WordPress. The directory with custom parsers won't be overwritten.

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