Products limit

External Importer allows you to bulk import products. Some of our users may wonder, "Why not make a website with 1 million products?" That's a bad idea, and here's why.

  • WordPress is not the most optimized platform. After a quick search, you'll notice multiple performance penalty reports when the website enlarges to thousands or tens of thousands of posts. WooCommerce will require additional resources because it's a WordPress add-in.

  • Web parsing is not very suitable for large-scale data extraction. You may face getting blocked, low data processing speed, and other obstacles.

  • Having more products doesn't mean getting more search engine traffic. Google expects tons of incoming links to big websites. The chances are high that a huge website will be pessimized.

External Importer is the best choice for creating a niche affiliate website with several hundred or several thousand products and skillfully selected sections and products. We recommend splitting massive parts into separate domains because they're easier to administer and promote.

However, External Importer doesn't set strict limits, so if you need a bigger website, you can still do that. But please note that this may require a more powerful hosting, proxy rotation, and website optimization work.

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