General information

For full compatibility, make sure you use the latest versions of the External Importer Pro and WooCommerce plugins.

After extracting products, you can easily import them to your WooCommerce catalog. You can do that in the following ways:

  • Click Import next to the desired products.

  • Import all selected products.

  • Automatically import all extracted products.

Import settings

You solely control what data to import and its volume. For settings, go toExternal Importer > Settings > Import.

Product type

You can import the following products:

  • External/Affiliate products

  • Simple products

Grouped, Variable, Virtual, and other product types aren't supported. External/Affiliate products will be created by default. These products can't be added to the cart on your website. Instead, visitors will be redirected to external websites to make a purchase.

Simple products are suitable for creating your own store or a dropshipping store.


To avoid adding duplicate products to your website, the plugin will search duplicates by product URL.

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